Nike, Inc. Product Integrity Vision Statement Boards
I was asked to create visual boards that would stand out and display the vision statements a few groups within Nike’s Product Integrity group. 

Product Integrity
  Product Integrity houses multiple functions that all come together to protect the brands image by delivering a great, quality, safe product. For this excercise only a few functions were used.

Category Quality Management
  Category Quality Management (CQM) is responsible for identifying risks that could lead to issues in production, and mitigating them.

Standards Management
  New innovative products also bring out new failure modes, which requires standards and procedures be put into place to ensure that the qualifications that are neccessary to a products success are being met. This vision statement is a little wordy in my opinion, so I used the idea of being put on the road to success while only emphasizing what I thought to be key words.

Standyby Freelance Copywriter for Spencer Bland
I assisted Spencer Bland as a freelance copywriter on standby when he needed extra help with his clients.

Grilled Co.
  One of the clients I assisted Spencer with was a surfer-focused clothing brand out of California, Grilled Co. In this role I supplied all of the social media copy after being briefed by our client, the owner of the company.